Ants might be cute when you see one outdoors, but if they get into your home, it’s another matter.  An ant infestation can quickly become more than just an annoyance – they can get into your food, and in some cases, may even damage your house if they’re allowed to thrive.

A professional Ohio ant exterminator can clear them out, but it’s much better to prevent ants from getting a foothold in your house in the first place.  These are some of the best ways you can keep them outside, where they belong.

Six Ways To Keep Your Home Ant-Free

1 – Never leave garbage (or dirty dishes) lying out

Ants enter homes looking for food and water – and they love dining on human garbage.  Never leave food out where they can find it.  Garbage should be securely bagged and, whenever possible, taken outside after dinner.  Likewise, dirty dishes will be a magnet if they are left out overnight.

2 – Clean up spills and water leaks

If you spill a sugary drink, it should be thoroughly cleaned up immediately.  If it dries into a sugary residue, that’s a magnet for ants.  This is also true for water leaks.  Ants always want water sources, and even a small pipe leak is a bountiful river for them.

3 – Keep food properly stored

Ants are extremely good at getting into food supplies, so they need to be kept well-sealed.  Always use plastic containers with locking lids, zipping baggies, and other food storage solutions which can be fully sealed off.

4 – Fix any cracks in your exterior

Periodically do a walkaround of your home, and look for any exterior cracks that might provide entry points for ants or other insects.  These should be sealed up.  (Plus, it’ll help you reduce energy waste!)

5 – Trim back plants that touch your house

Trees, bushes, and other greenery which can touch your house are basically ladders for ants.  They’ll use them to access entry points above the ground.  Keep your plants well-trimmed so this can’t happen.

6 – Lay ant bait outside

If you know you have ants on your property, keep them distracted with bait outside.  Then they’ll be less likely to look for ways to get indoors.


Of course, if you do discover an ant infestation in your home, Apex Pest Control can help!  We’re experienced Ohio ant exterminators – and we can keep your home pest-free with our service plans.  Click here to learn more!