Being pest-free requires specific steps, but there’s a lot of common “wisdom” that is flat-out wrong. If you’re trying to figure out DIY pest control solutions for ants, mice, or termites, there are things you need to know to get the job done right. And remember, always contact an ant and pest control professional if you want it done correctly.

Common Myths & Truths About Pest Control

Mice Eat More Than Cheese

Mice are depicted as having a weakness for cheese. Sure, they might go for it in a mousetrap; they like foods that have a lot of fat. They also like seeds, fruits, and especially peanut butter. There’s better bait than cheese to bring in mice. Pest control experts can help you tackle this problem, and better control the problem than a DIY fix.

The Cleanest House Can Have Pests

Pests are a consequence of natural physical forces. Spiders, ants, termites, mice–these pests are attracted to degradation, sure; but they’re always looking for food and safety. Homes are excellent “safehouses” since they provide food and protection.

They’ll always gravitate to this environment, meaning cleaning is something you have to constantly. You always have to be on the watch; it’s a good idea to have extermination experts periodically check your property.

Cats and Dogs Won’t Totally Eliminate Vermin

Unless you have some kind of superhero cat, it’s not going to get into the walls, or an external entryway made by a rodent. The same is true of dogs. Sure, cats and dogs help, but many vermin like mice can find an exclusive means of entry. Pets are more of a deterrent than a solution.

Termites Can Find Wood Even if Your House is on a Concrete Slab

A termite is small, a small crack in a concrete slab could be a highway. Always keep an eye out for termites if there is wood in your home’s architecture.


Hot Scalding Water on Ant Hills Won’t Solve an Infestation Problem

One common myth about pest control for ants is that you can pour hot water on an anthill to get rid of them. Well, that’s only true if the scalding water reaches all the way to the bottom of their tunnel network. Some anthills can stretch very deep into the ground. If this is your go-to method of pest control for ants, you might just be killing surface ants.

Keeping Your House Pest-Free with Apex Pest Control

Whether you’re actively seeing pests in your home, or just wanting to make sure your home remains pest free, it’s a good idea to seek pest control for ants, mice, termites, and other infestations from a specialist. At Apex Pest Control, we offer a variety of pest control services and can help you separate myth from reality in terms of the best approach to your issue. Contact us to learn more.