There are numerous insects you don’t want to live in your home, but undoubtedly, one of the worst are ants.  Once an ant colony decides your kitchen is a good source for food, they can be extremely hard to get rid of.  Once ants have set up camp in a kitchen, discovering food has been ruined by them can become quite common.

While a professional residential pest control service in Ohio can help you end an ant infestation once it’s begun, you’ll be much happier if you prevent them from showing up in the first place.  Here are some of the best ways to keep them out of your house.

Five Residential Pest Control Tips For Preventing Ants

The most important thing to remember about ants is that they’re seeking two things: food and water.  If they find it freely available in your home, they won’t want to leave.  So, keeping ants away mostly requires denying them the things they want.

1 – Fix any drips or leaks

Even a small faucet leak creates a bountiful river for ants, and they will find it.  So, make sure you get any plumbing issues fixed as soon as you spot them.  Besides, leaky faucets and pipes can cause damage to your home in other ways too.

2 – Clean up spills and other accidents thoroughly

If you drop food or drink on the ground, it needs to be cleaned up quickly and completely.  Remember, as tiny as ants are, even small crumbs will be attractive to them.  A thorough cleaning is needed to keep them away.

3 – Always deal with dirty dishes quickly

Never leave dirty dishes lying in the sink overnight – that’s a magnet for pests of all types, ants included.  Do your dishes as soon as dinner is done, so nothing is lying around to attract the pests.

4 – Don’t leave pet food/water lying out

Everything above is true for your pets’ bowls as well, particularly their food dishes.  Don’t leave them out all the time, or they’ll draw in pests.

5 – Trim back plants that touch your house

Ants love to use trees, bushes, and other greenery as a ladder to get access to higher spaces on your house, such as your windows.  Cutting these back removes this method of access.

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