When people are looking at DIY options for Ohio residential pest control, they often turn to a couple of easily available substances: borax or boric acid.  Both of these have been used for pest control in the past, and they’re even based on the same chemical.

Does that mean they’re both just as effective for eliminating unwanted insects?

No, not at all.  While it’s best to let residential pest control specialists handle your infestations – and ensure they don’t come back – you’re going to have much better luck with one of those products than the other.

Borax vs Boric Acid For Pest Control

So, it’s true that borax and boric acid are both based on the same compound, a form of the element Boron.  However, borax is effectively the “raw material,” while boric acid is a processed and refined version of it.  Because of this, boric acid will be much more effective overall for eliminating insects in the home.

Borax should only be used for its listed uses, such as a laundry additive.  It just doesn’t have the stopping power to effectively take out an insect infestation.

Boric acid, on the other hand, is reasonably effective at killing certain insects.  Besides being more potent than borax, boric acid comes in a much more fine-grained powder, which makes it easier for insects to get on themselves or ingest.

Being an acid, it’s no mystery how boric acid kills insects.  If it’s ingested by the insects, it will poison them from the inside.  In addition, if it becomes stuck to their legs or bodies, they may also ingest the poison while grooming themselves.

The issue is, there are only a few insects that will actually consume it.  These include ants and cockroaches, which are some of the most pernicious household pests.  Unfortunately, there’s also a long list of pest insects that it won’t kill.  This includes bed bugs, flies, fleas, moths, ticks, lice, or beetles.

This limits the usefulness of boric acid, although it is good if you have a roach or ant problem.

Also, be aware: boric acid is poisonous to humans and pets too!  If you plan on trying to use boric acid in your home, make sure everyone stays far away from where you place the bait.  It’s genuinely dangerous stuff.

Residential Pest Control Services in Ohio

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