While you will most likely find some fleas or ticks all over the country; the question is what regions in the county, types of environment, and in what concentrations do they exist? Desert areas don’t tend to be as dangerous as wooded areas. The American southeast, though, is a hotbed for these creatures. Any area where there’s a more temperate environment is going to be a habitat for ticks. Wooded areas generally provide their homes.

So, the Rockies, the southeast, and the forests of the eastern seaboard are probably the most dangerous; though around Ohio and other Midwest states, you’ll still find ticks and fleas. Flea and tick treatment and services can go a long way in protecting you and your family.

With that in mind, we’ll briefly go over a few different areas where you can expect to find fleas and ticks in the USA.

Eastern Tick Types

Dog and Lone Star ticks like to take a chunk out of humans if they can get away with it. Dog ticks come after the winter but aren’t as prevalent in the fall. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Tularemia are spread by these parasites. They are sometimes found on the west coast. Look for these ticks in the southern states on the eastern seaboard primarily–despite “The Rockies” being hundreds of miles away.

Western Ticks

Wood ticks, Rocky Mountain Wood Ticks, and several others on this list are found throughout the Rockies. Their primary food source is large mammals.

Gulf Coast Pests

Around the gulf coast is the Gulf Coast Tick. It’s also found on the Atlantic coast. However, it’s not much of a problem for humans usually.

Winter Ticks

Lyme Disease comes from the Black-Legged Tick, and these little terrors are active year-round. Now, you’re less likely to see them in winter, but flea and tick treatment may still be needed because if the temperature gets above freezing, out they come. You’ll probably be safe from this particular tick during an Alaskan winter, but the rest of the country would be well-advised to keep flea/tick repellent year-round.

Flea Species

There are over 300 different species of flea in the United States alone; it’s a safe bet where you are, they are. This is one reason flea and tick treatment or flea/tick repellent measures are advised together. The fact is, you’re going to find them everywhere. Rat fleas spread the plague, but cat fleas, dog fleas, squirrel fleas, and others can likewise spread disease.

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